12 thoughts on “The Scope of Things (Update)

  1. Hi Gail,

    I used to blog on my very first blog “Health Matters” and I included there what some of the other cause of cancer. If you want to read here it is: http://healthmatters.info/unexpressed-anger-can-cause-cancer-2 — but please DO NOT leave me a comment there since I am discontinuing that blog…I have too many blog to worry about and for now I am only FOCUSING on ONE blog which is my graphic design & social media marketing blog.

    Anyhoo, Dr. Nedley said that we get cancer cells everyday! But because of your strong immune system, your body is able to get rid of it right away. But…what happened to those who have weak immune system? Like for instance the HIV patients, the old people…chances are they are more infected and die of cancer because of that.

    Some of the foods that help prevent cancer are: cabbage, broccoli, all the cabbage family vegetables. Anyway, I hope you have a great Wednesday.

    Talk more later,


  2. Ah great news! It’s hard but only if we could live our everyday thinking as it our last day! Visiting doctor regularly seriously can prevent a lots of worries. I liked the way you wrote it, simple yet powerful. I found very few writers (yes writers!) has the ability to stick reader onto the page. Pleasantly, you have the ability in your writing. Wishing to read some more.


  3. Glad that the results are great! You shared good reminders there, much like the serenity prayer I suppose. We need to act on the things we can control and the rest, we just have to surrender. Have a great week!


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